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9mobile 2gb Data Bundles For 200 Naira @ 3days

The 9Mobile 2GB data for 200 Naira will help you
save cost, especially if you are the type always
online to check out new stuffs or get media
contents online and also help to minimize money
spent on monthly data subscription as you would
in many cases find people subscribing for monthly bundles 4 times in a month.

You would realize this bundles being offered for
monthly subscription by telecom people are kind of meager, compared to amount of data customers of these telcos consume a month. Since enough data bundles are still something which are pricey and also a luxury for most individuals in this clime, hacks like this 9Mobile 2GB Data for 3days at 200 Naira that I’ll reveal soon when you keep reading, is sure to provide some relief for subscribers.

Ok! without further ado, let’s delve into how you
can opt for this bundles on your extra 9Mobile SIM to save you overall cost of data for the month. Ok.

This data bundles may be particularly useful
depending on what you want to use it for. The data bundles isn’t a cheat, as you would expect. It is something totally legally permitted. But, the only set back, you would need an older 9Mobile SIM to activate it. i.e. SIMs with the ETISALAT MONIKER. So if you have thrown away that old Etisalat 9Mobile SIM in your home cupboard, this is the time to go find it and bring on.

So if you are using an older 9Mobile SIM, known as Etisalat, the 2GB/200Naira 3days data bundles will work on the SIM. You get 2GB for 200 Naira and spans through 3 days of use. After which the
bundles expires, whether you have exhausted the data bundles or not. So if you got stuffs to download or upload or some e-registration to do, you can simply opt for this type of bundles while sticking with your main monthly bundles you use on other network plan.

The 9Mobile/Etisalat 2GB bundles works on all
devices, whether you are on a laptop, mobile
device, tablet, android, iOS etc. This data will work

How to Activate 9Mobile 2GB Data Bundles:

Simply dial *929*10# on your device and hit the send button.

In no time you get an activation message.

The Data bundles cost 200 Naira and is only valid
for 3days. After exhausting the 2GB, whether on
the day of subscription or later date, you can re-
subscribe again by using *929*10# again. And works only on old 9Mobile SIMS, ETISALAT. Enjoy!

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