Thank you for your interest in advertising on NairaTime!

We run an Affordable Ad Type with which any NairaTime member can place an advert on NairaTime or as Sponsored post;

Our Ad Type

  1. Sponsored post publication (any image size) spreading over Facebook timeline by NairaTime members. (Cost ₦30,000 per day)
  2. Leaderboard 728 x 90, top & bottom banner display on all pages on both mobile devices and PC (Cost  Cost  ₦500 per day, ₦15,000 per month)
  3. Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 right side banner display on all pages on PC and bottom pages on mobile devices (Cost  ₦200 per day, ₦6,000 per month)

We understand how costly it is to grow your business and make sales. So we have made our promotion very affordable keeping you in mind, so get set for traffic.

How To Get Started

  1. You must create and have a membership account on NairaTime.
  2. Then get your ad banner designed or your promotion article with not more than one image prepared. We can also design ad banner for you for just ₦3,000 only (Contact us on 08022067721 via SMS)
  3.  And then submit Your Advert here

AdS Processing

  1. We accept NairaTime activity Earnings  and Real cash. (5,000 earnings = 1,000 NGN).
  2. NairaTime activity Earnings will be deducted from your account Immediately you submit your ads (Depending on your selected ad type),
  3. Your ad might not be approved if it’s deceptive or illegal or morally questionable in some way. if your ads go against our standard, you will be notified and deducted Earnings will be restored.
  4. if you don’t have enough earnings to place your ads you can contact us to make payment with real cash, please send us an SMS (08022067721), we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Please review this page from time to time, should there be any change in pricing or ad type, this page will be updated accordingly. We look forward to doing business with you!

Best regards,

NairaTime Management.