Are you a Potato or an Egg?

As a coach, I get to meet both young and old, men and women who on a daily basis share their pains, hurt, disappointment and challenges they are passing through. We all have our share of pain life throws at us.

I was sexually abused at age 8 and got into pornography at age 9. I resented my father who was a pastor then, because he was not there for me. I grew up being misunderstood. No one understood what I was passing through.

I was sexually, emotionally and verbally abused. I was called names, I was told I wouldn’t amount to anything. I have been disappointed and betrayed by those who were supposed to stand up for me.

These, and much more have been experienced by different people at different points in their lives. The emotional pain associated with these experiences can be quite difficult to bear. I have also had my share of these bitter experiences. However, one thing I know is we all have two choices – to come out a Victim or a Victor.
Ironically, as much as these experiences hurt, when I look back at all I’ve been through, I am glad everything happened. Yes, it’s not a typo error, you read me well, I am glad everything that happened, happened. Let me tell you why.

In life, who you are today is the cumulative experience of all that have happened to you, good or bad. And who you’ll be tomorrow, will be dependent on the cumulative positive lessons life will throw at you.

Actually, in life, Good and Bad are merely perceptions. We perceive issues based on the meaning we attach to it. You can either choose to see lessons or pain, you can choose to be a victor amidst all that has happened or take the position of a victim.

The pain, trials, hurt, bitter and sweet experiences life throws at you are vital ingredients needed to prepare and reposition you to impact, help and express yourself to humanity.

The same hot water that softens a potato hardens an egg.

Will people disappoint you? You bet it. Will you feel hurt? Sure!! However, you can choose to see lessons or pain. It’s all your choice. You can choose to stay down or choose to get up and move ahead with your life.

Today, I live my life as a victor, using all I’ve been through to help others. You too can. Often times, your mess becomes your message to the world.

Will your life experiences make you a potato or an egg?



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