Facebook working on ambitious tech to allow people type from their minds


Facebook’s ambitious project of developing technology which could let people type straight from their brains may soon see the light of day after the social media giants announced the acquisition of New-York-based startup CTRL-labs.

Mark Zuckerberg-led Facebook acquired CTRL-labs, which specialises in the development of non-invasive neural interface technology, for lower than $1 billion and a CNBC report puts the size of the deal between $500 million and $1 billion.

Facebook Vice President of AR/VR Andrew Bosworth said in a Facebook post that CTRL-labs will join the company’s Reality Labs.

Typically, the idea of someone being able to type with their brains would require some sort of a chip or sensors to be embedded inside the brain.

But Facebook wants to create a brain-computer interface system, which is non-evasive or does not require surgery and can be controlled simply using a wristband.

According to Bosworth, “that is where CTRL-labs comes in, which works on non-evasive brain-machine interfaces.”

Recall last year that, CTRL-labs, revealed a wristband studded with electrodes that can signal a user’s intention by detecting electrical pulses along the neurons in arm that transmit orders from brain to muscles.