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Harvard university graduate was 20 years homeless

Khadijah Williams is an advocate who got into Harvard after 20 years of homelessness
– Williams had to live on piece meals for survival to get her basic education
– Despite the fact that her mom was uneducated, she ensured her daughter stayed in school
Khadijah Williams is a widely recognised advocate who started out as a homeless kid before she made it big in life.
Her life is a perfect illustration of rising from grass to a place of grace in life when she left her shelter home to Harvard, one of the best schools in the world.
Khadijah said her mummy went through a lot to make sure she got the necessary basic education, adding that she begged for school fare.
Another instance Khadijah’s mum came through for her was when she stood up for her when a teacher questioned her excellent performance in a test.
A collage showing Khadijah graduating from Harvard University and her life years later.
She said though her parent does not know her teacher’s name, she invested very much in her daughter’s education in every way she could.
“My mother never attended a parent-teacher conference nor did she meet with other parents. She did not know my teachers’ names, but she invested in my education in her own way,” she said.
The popular advocate said her mother was beyond proud when she got accepted into and graduated from Harvard University.
She graduated in 2013 with a BA in sociology and has received advocacy awards from School on Wheels, the Union Rescue Mission, and the New York City Department of Education.
She has also worked with the DC Board of Education of the Ombudsman for Public Education where she was promoted to legislative affairs.


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