NFL’s Telvin Smith pleads not guilty to sex with underage girl



Former Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker, Telvin Smith, 29, pleaded not guilty to unlawful sexual activity with a minor on Wednesday, May 6.

Police arrested Smith on April 29 after reportedly sending a SWAT unit to his Jacksonville home after he was accused of having sex with an underage girl on multiple occasions.

According to a police report, Smith met the girl, 17, at her workplace on Aug. 27, 2019.

The arrest warrant states that she told him then that she was underage and that the two began to communicate via phone and social media. Four days later, Smith picked the girl up in his Cadillac Escalade and that they went to his home, where they had sex in his movie theater and bedroom.

The girl also told police that they had sex in his Cadillac too.

When Smith dropped her off at the lot where she had parked her car, he offered to give her $200, according to the warrant. She accepted $100 and used it on emergency contraception, she told police.

The warrant shows that police found the girl’s DNA in Smith’s Cadillac, which was confiscated last November when they conducted a search warrant at his home.

Smith did not appear in court Wednesday, according to the reports, as he waived his right to an arraignment and to be present at pretrial conferences.

Smith remains out on a $50,000 bond and has a court date scheduled for May 20.

According to Fox News, the charge is a second-degree felony and carries up to 15 years in prison.