Pregnant Nigerian Woman Rescued From The Mediterranean Sea

A man & his pregnant woman who are Nigerians were airlifted by the armed forces of Malta onboard a charity ship Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

The charity ship which was run by SOS Mediterraneee and Doctors Without Border was carrying more than 80 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.

Stalla Nicola, who was Search and Rescue Coordinator on the charity ship for SOS Mediterranee said: “We have just completed a medical evaluation of a pregnant woman and her husband with a helicopter from the Armed Forces of Malta, who came from Malta and is now taking this woman who is in need of immediate medical care”,

“Now we still have the remaining 82 survivors on board who are in an urgent need as well of a place of safety” she added.
A medical team assisted by a midwife examined the pregnant Nigerian woman on the ship. From their examination they told had that she must have developed a serious medical impediment that could risk her & the baby’s life.

The charity ship’s plea to Malta & Italy for a safe place to disembark wasn’t immediately responded to as at Wednestday and it is uncertain if the government that took office last week will continue the policy.

The Ocean Viking crew found a total of 50 of the migrants in a rubber boat Sunday, including the Nigerian man and his wife who was due to give birth at any time. The ship took extra 34 migrants Monday from a sailboat operated by a different humanitarian group.