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Science Confirms: Cats Are Mean

Cats can be a**holes , and most of the time, they are (aside from those rare moments when your cat shows you affection and it feels like clouds in the sky are parting to reveal the sun shining behind them). But despite the standoffish, b*tchy behavior and simply mean things cats can do, we always gave them benefit of the doubt. ‘They can’t understand us’, we reason. ‘If they did understand, they wouldn’t act this way.’ Well, I’m really sorry to burst your bubble and possibly ruin your relationship with your cat, but I’ve got some news for you: cat’s DO understand you and cats are MEAN . At least that’s what the latest science says.

A scientific report that was recently published in scientific journal Nature made the discovery that cats can distinguish their names from other words, contrary to prior beliefs. In the study, the responses of 78 cats (both pet cats and Cat Cafe residents) were recorded when their names were called out along with similar sounding cat names. And to everyone’s surprise, the cats made specific body movements when their names were called, telling scientists that they understood which word was their name. This means one thing: your cat is ignoring you on purpose.


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